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Dear Leonard Michaels Fan,

For nearly a quarter of a century, until his untimely death in 2003, Lenny was closely associated with The Threepenny Review. He was a consulting editor in its earlier years, he recommended fellow-writers to its pages, and he gave us the best of his own writing—wonderful stories, of course, and also remarkable nonfiction essays.

We still have copies of all 32 back issues in which his work appeared, and you can order them through The Threepenny Review website. Among the items we have available are:

“Nachman,” the first in his series of marvelous Nachman stories, contained in our Spring 1998 issue.

“Tell Me Everything,” another terrific story, in our Winter 1992 issue.

“The Zipper,” his great essay on Rita Hayworth, contained in our Summer 1991 issue.

To see a complete list of his work in our pages, please click on the Threepenny Search Form and type "Leonard Michaels" into the author line. The resulting list will also tell you the price of each back issue. In addition, you can scan through our Past Issues to see the table of contents for each issue in which his work appeared, and that will give you some sense of its original context. And don't forget to take a look at our Reading Room, where we offer you the chance to read the last essay Lenny ever wrote, "My Yiddish," free of charge.

No one, of course, can ever replace Leonard Michaels. But there are new young fiction writers coming up all the time, some of them encouraged by his example, some of them people whose work he would have loved. We seek out and publish those writers in Threepenny. So if you want to find a continuation of the Leonard Michaels tradition in fiction and essay form, subscribe to The Threepenny Review for a mere $25. When you do, we'll even give you an extra issue for free!

With all best wishes,

Wendy Lesser
Editor of The Threepenny Review

The Threepenny Review, P.O. Box 9131, Berkeley, CA 94709
Telephone: (510) 849-4545


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