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"The Threepenny Review is one of the most original literary magazines not only in the U.S. but also on the entire planet (as far as my experience allows me such a judgment). Why? Because it stands outside the fads of the day; it’s not driven by any intellectual group or fashion. What it does is give the readers the taste of many individual writers’ voices."—Adam Zagajewski


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We’d like to offer a special discount to those of you who have discovered us through our website. Our usual $25 subscription includes four quarterly issues that come out in March, June, September and December — already a bargain compared to most literary and arts magazines. But if you subscribe to The Threepenny Review right now, online, we will give you five issues for that $25 price. A whole extra issue, free. So the minute you subscribe, you will already have saved seven dollars. How can you resist?

This offer applies only to our one-year domestic subscriptions. (We’d go broke if we mailed out foreign issues at this price, and the two-year subscriptions are already discounted.) And we can’t promise the offer will be around forever. But it’s available as long as we have it posted on this website. Now, for instance.

Order now with a credit card! Or, if you prefer to mail us a check, you can write to:

The Threepenny Review, Special Online Offer, P.O. Box 9131, Berkeley, CA 94709

If you write to us, make sure to mention in your letter that you saw our website at www.threepennyreview.com; that’s how we’ll know to give you the extra issue free.

13 Ways (bird)13 Ways title
13 Ways - trunk 1. You know that The Threepenny Review discovered Vikram Seth, Elizabeth Tallent, Ben Fountain, Sigrid Nunez, and many other fine writers, and you want to share our latest discoveries with your friends and relations.

2. A friend of yours loves photography, and Threepenny accompanies its excellent writing with a new selection of wonderful black-and-white photographs in each issue.

3. You don’t have to wrap it.

4. You can’t think of another magazine that recently published new work by Wendell Berry, Frank Bidart, Andrea Canobbio, Anne Carson, T. J. Clark, Lydia Davis, W. S. Di Piero, Richard Ford, Louise Glück, Vivian Gornick, Alberto Manguel, Greil Marcus, Michael Ondaatje, Robert Pinsky, Francine Prose, Marina Warner, Dean Young, and Adam Zagajewski.

5. You can give in a hurry: order online and have us send an email announcement of the gift, so your recipient will never know what a procrastinator you are.

6. You are the subscriber who wrote to tell us, "It is a pleasure to read a magazine where the writers please themselves," and you plan to share this pleasure.

7. Someone in your circle cherishes a long-held passion for the writing of Javier Marías, and Threepenny publishes more of his work than any other magazine in America.

8. Our attractive announcement card will let your gift recipients know that you are thinking of them even when you are far away.

9. Your colleagues are desperately in need of the magazine Stephen Greenblatt has called "discriminating, exuberant, and capacious."

10. You know somebody who quit writing fiction when she went to law school but who still wants to keep up with the literary world. Because Threepenny comes out quarterly, she can fit it into her frantic schedule.

11. You hate crowded department stores, or even uncrowded ones.

12. You’re horrified by the latest statistics on how few Americans read for pleasure, and you’re doing your best to increase the numbers.

13. Even the person who has everything needs a Kay Ryan poem or a Geoff Dyer essay now and then.

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