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Issue 100, Winter 2005

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Rebecca Brock

Perspective: You Can't Even Remember
What I'm Trying to Forget

Louise Glück

Poem: Landscape

David Mamet

Miscellany: Goldilocks

Frank Bidart

Poem: Star Dust

Jon Mooallem

Books: Breath by Philip Levine

Sigrid Nunez

Fiction: A Visit to the Great Man

Cynthia Ozick

Fantasy: An (Unfortunate) Interview
with Henry James

Michael Ryan

Poem: Airplane Food

Bert Keizer

Books: The Ethics of Memory
by Avishai Margalit

Ron Slate

Poem: Safe Passage

Oliver Sacks, Michael Holroyd,

Arthur Lubow, Gideon Lewis-Kraus,
ZacharyLeader, Irene Oppenheim,
Stephen Greenblatt, Adam Phillips,
Anne M. Wagner, and Thomas Laqueur
A Symposium on Memory

Kay Ryan

Poem: Chart

Toni Martin

Music: Inside the Music

August Kleinzahler

Poem: A History of Western Music:
Chapter 29

Wendy Lesser

Dance: Sylvia, All Fours, and Rock of Ages,
choreographed by Mark Morris

T. J. Clark

Poem: On the Path

Tim Winton

Fiction: Damaged Goods

Dean Young

Poem: Deadline

Steve Vineberg

Film: Before Sunset

Anna Ziegler

Poem: What Weathermen Don't Know

Lawrence Weschler

Art: Sharon Lockhart's Nõ


Cover: John Gutmann, Coloring Books of the Fifties
Cover: John Gutmann, Coloring Books of the Fifties, 1952.
(c) 1998 Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona.
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