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Issue 127, Fall 2011

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Brenna W. Lemieux
Poem: Two Purple Sponges

Caleb Klaces
Perspective: Peregrinations

David Wagoner
Poem: First Flight

Richard B. Woodward
Retrospective: The Sound of
Two Hands Thinking

Javier Marías
Books: Dusty Spectacle

Piotr Florczyk
Books: Czeslaw Milosz

Jim Powell
Books: Wendell Berry

Sarah Deming
Miscellany: Skydive

Ethan Iverson, Mark Morris, David Hollander, Simon Morrison, Tim Savinar, Geoff Dyer, Sarah Rothenberg, C. K. Williams
A Symposium on Live Music

Luke Johnson
Poem: Late Quartets

Anne Carson
Poem: O Hap

Nicholas Lepre
Fiction: Karaoke Night

Dean Young
Poem: Brutal Filament Inside Aglow

Steve Vineberg
Film: California Split

David Salner
Poem: Final Jeopardy

Wendy Lesser
Theater: The Intelligent Homosexual’s
Guide to Capitalism and Socialism…

Kay Ryan
Poem: Playacting

Sigrid Nunez
Fiction: Airport Story

Victoria Chang
Poem: The Boss Called Me…

Heather Kirn
Memoir: A Good Firm Handshake

Angie Hogan
Poem: Apologia at Clinchfield Yards


Harold Eugene Edgerton, Fanning the Cards
Cover Art: Harold Eugene Edgerton, Fanning the Cards, 1940.
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