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Issue 78, Summer 1999

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

C. K. Williams
Poem: Depths

Anne Carson
The Idea of a University

Anon. (tr. Seamus Heaney)
Poem: The Haunted Mere (from Beowulf)

Evelyn Toynton
Books: Death in Summer by William Trevor

Ruth Fainlight
Poem: La Chaise Bleue

Michael Ryan
Books: T. S. Eliot

Thom Gunn
Poem: Front Door Man

Daisy Fried
Books: Green Sees Things in Waves by August Kleinzahler

Dean Young
Poem: Sunflower

Henk Romijn Meijer
Books: Selected Letters of Marianne Moore, edited by Bonnie Costello et al.

Martin Taylor
Poem: The Call of Coal

Peter Sacks
Poem: Story

Daniel Wolff
Fiction: Flatch

A. S. Byatt
Miscellany: Arachne

Douglas Jacobs
Poem: Hospitable

Steve Vineberg
Theater: Guare and Durang

Carolyn Kizer
Poem: The Oration

Kathryn Ma
Fiction: Gratitude

Patricia Hooper
Poem: After a Difficult Decision

Clifford Thompson
Music: On Jazz

Peter Sellars, Robert Chi,Wendy Allanbrook, Carol Christ, Summer Brenner, Kristine Harris, Robert Polito, and Francie Lin
Opera: Peony Pavilion

Hayden Carruth
A Window

Letters to the Editor


Cover: The Letter I
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