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Issue 97, Spring 2004

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Table Talk

Gary Shteyngart
Memoir: The Mother Tongue Between
Two Slices of Rye

Victoria Chang
Poem: Five-Year Plan

Teolinda Gersão
Fiction: The Red Fox Fur Coat

Mark Doty
Poem: The Stairs

Michael Hamburger
Poem: A Cat’s Last Summer

Javier Marías
Lives: William Faulkner on Horseback

Timothy Steele
Poem: Siglo de Oro

P. N. Furbank
Books: Style and Faith by Geoffrey Hill

C. K. Williams
Books: Listening to Lowell

Wendy Lesser
Music: The Back That Faces Us

Alexandra Teague
Poem: The Idea of North

Rachel Cohen
Art: Rilke’s Letters on Cézanne

Melissa Kwasny
Poem: River Reeds

John Higgs
Perspective: Language as a Second Language

Anne Carson
Miscellany: How to Like "If I Told Him
A Completed Portrait of Picasso"

by Gertrude Stein

Brian Buckbee
Fiction: Domisylum, Part III

Dean Young
Poem: Interview

Steve Vineberg
Film: Mystic River

Michael Ryan
Poem: The Myth

Letters to the Editor


Cover: Edward Koren, Untitled Drawing
Cover: Edward Koren, Untitled Drawing, reproduced by permission of the artist.
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