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Issue 145, Spring 2016

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Patrick Whitfill

Poem: The Dancing Plague

Louis B. Jones

Books: The Essential Ginsberg

Robert Pinsky

Poem: The Orphan Quadrille

Toni Martin

Books: Twin of Blackness by Clifford
Thompson and Negroland by Margo Jefferson

Wendell Berry
Fiction: A Long Ancestry

Tomas Unger
Books: Anyone by Nate Klug

Mark Turpin
Poem: The Carpenters

Kay Ryan, Mimi Chubb, Brenda Wineapple, Susan Bernofsky, Dean Young,
Edmund de Waal
A Symposium on the Miniature

Caroline Bynum
Art: Object

Bruce Snider
Poem: The Average Human

Alia Volz
Memoir: Snakebit

Peter Spagnuolo
Poem: Reliquary

Steve Vineberg
Film: Love & Mercy and The End of the Tour

Otosirieze Obi-Young
Fiction: Mulumba

Javier Marías
Film: Vincent Price

Jim Powell
Poem: The One Who Left

Wendy Lesser
Miscellany: Narrative Imagination

D. Nurkse
Poem: The Child on Cold Spring Island

Letters to the Editor


Peter Hujar, Lower Manhattan
Cover Art: Peter Hujar, Lower Manhattan from the Harbor, 1976.
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