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Issue 150, Summer 2017

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Kay Ryan
Poem: Immense and Inclined to Pulse

John Langenfeld
Perspective: Washing Clothes

Dean Young
Poem: Goals for Recovery

Jessica Goodfellow
Poem: Darwin’s Conjecture

Mimi Chubb
Books: What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell; After Disasters by Viet Dinh

Jessica Roeder
Fiction: A Permanent Complication

Marlo Starr
Poem: Ways of Translating a House

Kate Norris
Memoir: Bad Brains

Louis B. Jones, Thomas Rayfiel, Irene Oppenheim, Nick Papandreou, Wendy Lesser
A Symposium on Plato

Jake Bauer
Poem: The Method Actor

Steve Vineberg
Theater: S. N. Behrman

Tomas Unger
Photography: Chris Killip’s Portraits

Atsuro Riley
Poem: Shed

Kathryn Crim
Art: Matisse/Diebenkorn

Javier Marías
Miscellany: Dean Martin

Wes Civilz
Poem: Jealousy of Masters

Elizabeth Tallent
Fiction: Rawness

James Longenbach
Poem: The Harbor


Chris Killip, Rocker and His Toad
Front Cover Art: Chris Killip, Rocker and His Toad, Lynemouth, Northumberland.
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