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Issue 151, Fall 2017

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

David Ferry
Poem: Marriage

Nate Klug
Miscellany: Revision and Revenge

Kristin Fogdall
Poem: After Reading the Narrative Is Dead

Amanda Bestor-Siegal
Memoir: Remains

Okwudili Nebeolisa
Poem: The Making of Widows

John Rockwell
Books: César Aira

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Nature Study

E. C. Osondu
Fiction: Alien Mark

Krystyna Dabrowska
Poem: Wooden Figure of a
Hunchbacked Dignitary

W. S. Di Piero, Toni Martin, Dagoberto
Gilb, Neal Sullivan, Thomas Laqueur,
Kathryn Crim, Clifford Thompson
A Symposium on Neighborhoods

Elise Arnold-Levene
Places: Echoes of Havana

Grace MacNair
Poem: The Gun Closet

Javier Marías
Film: John Ford

Steve Vineberg
Film: Grand Illusion

Wendy Lesser
Opera: Carmen

Dave Lucas
Poem: Marsyas on Aesthetics

Jennifer Zahrt
Dance: The Green Table

David Salner
Poem: Goya: Two Old People, Starving

Wendell Berry
Fiction: The Art of Loading Brush


Dorothea Lange, Crossroads General Store
Front Cover Art: Dorothea Lange, Crossroads General Store, Gordonton, North Carolina, 1939.
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