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Issue 57, Spring 1994

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Table Talk

Allen Ginsberg
Poem: Salutations to Fernando Pessoa

Thom Gunn
Books: Contemporary American Poetry

Jeredith Merrin
Books: Gilgamesh: A New Rendering in English Verse by David Ferry

James Laughlin
Poem: The Day I Was Dead

Vivian Gornick
Books: Diana at the Crossways by George Meredith

Mary Jo Salter
Poem: The Age of Reason

Saskia Hamilton
Poem: Dream at Eighty-Four

Evelyn Toynton
Memoir: Biographia Literaria

Rafael Campo
Poem: Five Patients

Aimee Bender
Fiction: Dreaming in Polish

Deborah Pope
Poem: In the Parking Lot of the County Regional Hospital

Carol Clover
Film: The Piano

Sean Enright
Poem: Blind Woman Knitting

Steve Vineberg
Film: What’s Love Got to Do with It and Jacquot

Frederick Busch
Fiction: Machias

Gary Soto
Poem: Afternoon Memory

Juan Felipe Herrera
Miscellany: M.O.C.O.S.

Connie Voisine
Poem: Hungry

Charlie Smith
Poem: Appetite

Rachel Wetzsteon
Poem: Clubfoot

Jeffrey Seroy
Dance: Mark Morris by Joan Acocella

Dean Young
Poem: Lives of Composers

John Berger
Art: Edgar Degas

David Hayward
Poem: Sister


Morris Graves, Winter Still Life No. 1, 1983
Cover: Morris Graves, Winter Still Life No. 1, 1983.
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