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Issue 81, Spring 2000

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Table of Contents

Table Talk

Adam Phillips
Miscellany: An Answer to Questions

Clive Wilmer
Poem: In Memory of Graham Davies

Melanie Hulse
Wrongful Death

Toby Leah Bochan
Poem: May, 1997

Anne Carson
Books: Handbook for William by Dhuoda

Jane Hirshfield
Poem: Always She Reads the Same Translation

Clifford Thompson
Books: Juneteenth by Ralph Ellison

Neil Gordon
Books: Patricia Highsmith

Roy Jacobstein
Poem: Bypass

C. K. Williams
Memoir: From Misgivings

Dan Bellm
Poem: Esau

André Aciman
Photography: Portrait of Freud

Sarah Lindsay
Poem: Kirchfeld’s Coffee

Kim Edwards
Fiction: Thirty-Six Exposures

Cynthia Richardson
Poem: Dolores, Early Sixties

Greil Marcus
Art/Music: James Ensor & Bob Dylan

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Steel Drum Variations

Millicent Dillon
In Memoriam: Paul Bowles

Lance Larsen
Poem: Trust

Steve Vineberg
Film: Alec Guinness

Seamus Heaney
Poem: The Real Names

N. E. Simon
Fiction: The Rehearsal

Letters to the Editor


Cover: Venturelli Etching
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