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Issue 92, Winter 2003

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Table Talk

Bert Keizer
Medicine: Voluntary

Michael Atkinson
Poem: O My Monster, O My Monster

Lawrence Weschler
Miscellany: Popocatepetl

Robert Pinsky
Poem: Immature Song

Kay Ryan
Books: This Craft of Verse by Jorge Luis Borges

Michael Henson
Poem: Making a Voice

Christian Wiman
Books: Edna St. Vincent Millay

C. K. Williams
Poem: Flamenco

Rick Barot
Books: Wallace Stevens

Michael Hamburger
Poem: Ave Atque Vale

Edward Rosser
Emil Mayer I

Janet Malcolm
Emil Mayer II

Guy Davenport
Emil Mayer III

Lisa Michaels
Emil Mayer IV

Arthur Lubow
Emil Mayer V

Anne Wagner
Emil Mayer VI

Geoffrey Nunberg
Emil Mayer VII

Thomas Laqueur
Emil Mayer VIII

Henk R. Meijer
Fiction: Esther, A Wartime Story

Michael Ryan
Poem: The Music House

Greil Marcus
Music: Elvis Again

Les Murray
Poem: Pop Music

John Berger
Reflections: Another Side of Desire

Kim Addonizio
Poem: What Was

Sean McDonnell
Poem: Song #2

Steve Vineberg
Film: It’s Always Fair Weather

Tony Kushner
Poems: Two Songs from Caroline

Wendy Lesser
Theater: Smaller by Malachy Walsh

T. J. Clark
Poem: Landscape with a Calm

Teolinda Gersão
Fiction: The Old Lady


Cover: Emil Mayer, Regular Customer
Cover: Emil Mayer, Regular Customer. Reproduced by permission of Edward Rosser.
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